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Services / NICU


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Khidmah Hospital is a specialist intensive care unit which provides high quality care for newborn babies.

  • Khidmah Hospital is careful to care for the babies born 24 weeks or more and specialist for newborn care with various surgical procedures and cardiac problems.

  • Common and high frequency ventilation as well as nitric oxide.

  • Total body cooling with Tecotherm (therapeutic hypothermia) for children born with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy.

  • Follow the care and neurodevalemal assessment among patients for monitoring the progress of our NICU treatment children.

  • All children go through OAE screening or hearing before discharge.

  • The pregnancy screening program reform program is done by our team of volunteers.

  • Neonatal units have well-trained nurses, physiotherapists, lecture therapists, pharmacists and dieticians.

24/7 Emergency Service

This department manages everything from minor to major injuries of life and other less severe medical conditions.

30% Discount

We are providing 30% Discount on all Imaging and Lab tests for our valued patients. Emergency investigations are also available.

Islamic Environment

We have separate facility of male and female care, we try to follow strict rule of PORDA to maintain Islamic environment.