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How will I admit a patient?


Please come to our reception counter.

.then our stuffs will guide you to admit into our hospital

I don’t understand which consultant will be suitable for my disease?

   please come to our emergency dept.
then our EMO will guide you to the consul- Tant who is suitable for you

Can I get death certificate from your hospital ?

   Yes sure you can. But you have to bring the dead body to us. Then after proper investigation we will give you a death certificate

My patient is so sick that she/he can’t come to the hospital. Can you prescribe my patient if I told you the problems ?

   Sorry we can’t prescribe any patientwithout general examination of the patient(Without physically seeing the patient

My Physician has advised me to do some lab investigation. When I will come to your diagnostic center? Have there any previous procedure at home?

   Please visit our OPD Section. Counter no - 106, Our representative will guide you everything related the test.