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C-287/2-3 Khilgaon Bishwa Road, Dhaka.

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096 0606 3030

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Khidmah Hospital offers all type of medical & healthcare services with up-to-date facilities which are completely managed by well-reputed medical specialists, expert nurses and technologist. Our main focus is to deliver modern Healthcare Services of Universal Standard through continuous innovation and development of service quality.

About Us

Khidmah Hospital (Pvt) Ltd. is a leading private hospital at Khilgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We started our journey in 2003. Almost all the services are available day and night. Professors & doctors are consulting with patients for 24 hours with all facilities of diagnostic and emergency services. We do care of patients at diabetic center, eye center, physiotherapy and dental care at very affordable c . . .

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According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 1 in 3 current seniors will die with the condition or another dementia. And while we’re still a long way from a cure, there’s one encouraging treatment set to begin human trials in 2017: ultrasound therapy on amyloid plaques, which clump around neurons and are believed to contribute to Alzheimer’s. Back in 2015, Australian researchers found the sound waves ge

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